April Free Legging Contest details

Do you love😍 leggings?

Trade me your thoughts and a little social love and in exchange, I will give you the leggings off my butt.

No Joke, ok well you actually get a new pair.

We are giving away 5 pairs of FREE leggings to 5 separate lucky winners. You can only win one pair per person but feel free to share and comment as much as you'd like, the more we see your name the more likely you'll win, you can comment and share our event or the contest post 5 times a week or 5 times a day, that is the only form of entry. After announcing the winners we will double check to make sure the winners met the requirements to win.

Let's just say that the person with the most likes on their comment will win the first pair for sure!

No shipping fee

No handling fee

No buying..

Just see which pair of leggings is your favorite and post it in the comments and if we choose you, you and 4 other lucky shoppers will receive their favorite pair for free.

Many will enter, however only 5 will win.

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Last Month's Winners:

Diane Scott


Jeanie Potter


Jodi Ratliff


Mandy Troxel


Cherl Spivey


Thank you so much for helping us!

We appreciate you.